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ProvidenceRX Health

Thousands are losing weight easily with revolutionary GLP-1 medications.  You can Too!

Game Changing Weight Loss

Qualified patients receive a GLP-1 prescription (like Ozempic®  or Wegovy®  or Semaglutide) to shed excess weight* with little effort. With our program, you may lose up to 15% of your body weight starting with 3 simple steps.

  1. Complete the Medical Eligibility Form.

  2. Confer with one of our medical providers via video chat.

  3. Get customized GLP-1 medications delivered right to your door.

*Results may vary based on starting weight and individual adherence to healthy diet and exercise program. See our Disclosures and Disclaimers

Affordable customized weight loss starts here. We got your back!

GLP-1s to your Door--Its a Game Changer for your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss therapy

Lose 15% body weight*

Weight loss therapy

Obesity medication available

Weight loss therapy

Weekly checkpoints with clinicians

Weight loss therapy

No insurance needed

ProvidenceRX Health

What's Included in the ProvidenceRX Program ?
We can help you with:


Our medical providers prescribe clinically proven weight loss medications to those who qualify to meet your specific goals and health profile. Your Success is our Success!  

ProvidenceRX Health


No long wait to make an appointment.  No drive across town to the doctor’s office. Complete our quick online Medical Eligibility Form and you are contacted by one of our medical providers right away for a telehealth visit.  Get Started NOW!

ProvidenceRX Health
ProvidenceRX Health


Get affordable GLP-1 medications shipped directly to you.  Usually, weight loss medications prescribed on this site are more than a 50% discount from the cost of brand name medications, EVEN without insurance.

ProvidenceRX Health


Your membership provides for a once-a-week consultation with a clinician to discuss your progress and other benefits. We provide practical advice from our medical providers and community on effective ways that have worked for others to minimize side effects. Each week we also discuss any medication-related health concerns or questions you may have as long as you are on the weight-loss medication with ProvidenceRX. 


Our clinicians can provide helpful free resources for tracking calories and macros.  We can also connect you to our network of nutritionists and licensed dieticians, at your request (which are fee based), who can provide you with additional dietary counseling and meal planning to help you achieve your goals.

ProvidenceRX Health


Moving your body is critical while on any weight loss journey.  We have free online resources to help you move from the couch to the park.  We also have a "deep bench" of fitness experts who can help you with a fitness program tailored just for you to help you build muscle while on weight loss medication, which often helps speed up weight loss. 

ProvidenceRX Health

*Results may vary based on starting weight and individual adherence to a diet and exercise program. (See GLP-1 Disclosure).

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